Coding is fun. We want to  show you how.

Computers are everywhere at home and at school. There are in our mobile phones, tablets, games consoles and washing machines. Computer code controls everything computers do.

Master*Coder is an informal association founded in the United Kingdom.

Our goal is to get children and young people  programming or coding in no time. We want you to become part of the makers and designers using computer code to shape our world.

Coding, we using it interchangeably with programming , is using computer languages or code to control computers. Learning programming languages should be made available to kids of all ages because it is a great time for them to learn. Their natural curiosity drives them to explore and we believe in helping them explore our increasingly technological world. We run events where kids aged seven to seventeen can learn a coding language or two, build a robot or create a computer app.

Computing coding is an important skill to have in the 21st century. There are hundreds of programming languages depending on their use. Common ones are : Java, C++, Python and Ruby.

We start with  you off in 3 main areas:

Coding with Scratch

We start off with Scratch a visually based coding language developed by MIT. It is easy to grasp and fun to learn.

Coding with Python

We move to python, a text based language that is both powerful and flexible. We start small and build on this.


Next we introduce you to building robots using Raspberry Pi. It is a single circuit low cost board that can be used as a computer, camera or robot controller.


Whatever, you do, once you get started, don’t stop, keep practising and keep experimenting!

Join Us 


Our main objective is to increase the number of children and young people  who can code computers successfully in areas where computer coding is not widely or adequately taught.

We plan to do this through:

  • Pop-up events
  • Coding classes
  • Influencing/ Helping schools and institutions

We aim to inspire young people to aspire to a future where they can be part of the producers and designers in the technological revolution. We work within the community and in education to fully support young people and provide an environment that foster technological innovation in unrepresented areas.