We did It!


Event: TechBlast 2018

Location: PlayLearn Academy Asaba, Nigeria

Date; 31 July – 1 August 2018

We hosted TechBlast 2018 in Nigeria and it was a blast!

We had close to 100 children turn up over 2 days.

We had fun, they had fun and most importantly, they were inspired to think differently about computer coding and their abilities.


This is what we set out to do earlier on in the year when we began ruminating about having a computer coding event in Nigeria. We wanted to get young people confident about their abilities to try and succeed at a new thing: computer coding. We also wanted them to think differently about what they were capable of doing.

The children learnt (most of them for the very first time!) how to code with scratch and python. They also built their very own robot powered by a python script. Some of them went on to code a micro:bit using the Microsoft MakeCode app.


We would have loved to have more pi-top Ceeds for the event as this would have gone a long way in standardising our working machines. Some children brought in laptops and tablets and we had to spend some time installing offline Scratch and Python editors. This was either because their laptops couldn’t connect to internet via the wi-fi provided or we couldn’t install Adobe Flash or some other software needed.

We also came bearing gifts in form of a very special book.


Computer Coding for kids by Carol Vordermann was one of our early inspirations for our 2 first coders. We handed out copies of this book to our gracious hosts and other participating schools. A few lucky children got to take them home too. A big THANK YOU to PlayLearn Academy, Asaba for hosting us and making this event happen.

At the end of the day we celebrated the success of our event with cake!

Way to go Master*Coder!

We are planning to host more of these type of events but we need your help! We need more pi-top ceeds, raspberry pis, micro: bit kits and cam jam kits.

Contact us at info@mastercoder.co.uk and let’s get more children coding!


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